Air and breath form an elemental bridge between the accordion and the recorder, two instruments with no shared repertoire. In their first joint album, Inventions en folie, Marion Fermé and Ambre Vuillermoz highlight this connection through an exploration of the marriage of sounds and flexibility of phrasing, in a diverse musical program drawn from the European Baroque repertoire.

The music of Johann Sebastian Bach is presented first, an unmatched exemplar of polyphony and counterpoint. The musicians bring out the fluid exchange of voices and play with the ambiguities in their instruments’ timbres.

A masterpiece among inventions, sonata BWV 1030 for flute and harpsichord in B minor is performed according to the Urtext, using a modern E alto and a Baroque F alto for the slow movement.

The piece has a natural connection to another trio sonata, sonata BWV 529, originally written for solo organ. The performance evokes the majestic instrument, whose sound and inner workings echo those of the accordion and recorder.

The Fandango for harpsichord by Spanish composer Antonio Soler and the Folies d’Espagne for viola da gamba by French composer Marin Marais offer two different perspectives on themes and variations. The Fandango is played on an unaccompanied accordion, highlighting the instrument’s agility and its capacity for contrasts and colorings. The Folies d’Espagne, on the other hand, plays to the rich sound of the tenor recorder, in an arrangement by Marion Fermé inspired by the period’s practices of instrumental adaptation. She is accompanied by the original continuo part, reworked by the two musicians in a new adaptation of the duet.

In concerto RV 443 by Vivaldi, the accordion alternates between the continuo and orchestral tutti parts, bringing a new light to this iconic piece in the flautino (sopranino) repertoire, performed here on a soprano in “quarta bassa”, as per the manuscript.

The exploration of sound and innovation are at the heart of this album. The choice to use modern instruments while respecting the spirit of the music was very important to the musicians, allowing them to focus on the balance of sound and bring out the creativity of the composers for a new listening experience.

Since 2018, Duo In VENTO has been performing regularly in France and Germany, exploring different repertoires. Ambre and Marion both have international careers as concert musicians and teachers. and