“Though the title of this release is a misnomer, this is a pleasant collection of early 17th Century English masque music and later 17th Century instrumental works. The selections range from traditional song variations, such as `When Daphne from fair Phoebus did flie’ which incorporates the original song, both as sung by Jeanne Zaepffel (soprano) and arranged with variations by the Dutch recorder player, Jacob van Eyck, to Nicola Matteis’s virtuosic violin “airs” from the later part of the century. This recording mostly contains instrumental arrangements of dance pieces by William Lawes, Tobias Hume, Matthew Locke, and selections from John Playford’s English Dancing Master for this small ensemble of recorder, violin, viola da gamba, guitar and lute, virginals, and percussion (which is often a bit too exuberant). The director, Marion Ferme, demonstrates her impressive recorder skills.”
Charles Brewer
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